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Gordon Purchased a 2018 Ram 1500 | Redwater Dodge

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Gordon is a Redwater local, and he decided to stop into Redwater Dodge and speak with Bill. We were able to find what he was looking for and send him rolling out in style. Congratulations Gordon, we hope you love it!

Check out our website: https://www.redwaterdodge.com/Redwate…

Dwight and Audrey Purchased A 2016 Dodge Journey | Redwater Dodge

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Dwight and Audrey came in from Waskatenau and purchased a 2016 Dodge Journey from Will High the Truck Guy and rode off to take their Journey on journey’s of their own. Dwight and Audrey are repeat customers with this being their third purchase from us! Congratulations Dwight and Audrey, we hope you love it and we look forward to seeing you again!


Teddy Came From Waskatenau For The Premium Detail | Redwater Dodge

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Teddy came to Redwater Dodge and got the premium detail package, which includes,

-exterior professional hand wash
-tire and rim shine
-window clean
-floor mats
-dash shine

Thank you for the support Teddy, we hope you love the way your truck looks. We look forward to seeing you again!