No Drive is Too Far for Tim for a Great Deal at Redwater!

By March 8, 2016Sales Reviews


Tim had given Redwater Dodge call after seeing one of our vehicles on a Kijiji ad. The family then made the trip down from La Crete, AB which is approximately 7 hours away. He was no longer happy with the 2014 Dodge 2500 5.7L Hemi gas vehicle he was driving, essentially it no longer fit what he wanted. He truly wanted to get into a 2016 Ram 3500 Diesel and with help from Sales Associate Tyler Willner, we were able to do so. The biggest decision for the Cameron family was trying to figure out which fit the family needs more, either Mega Cab or Crew Cab. Their two little ones are still in child/booster seats and that was the biggest debate for the family.  The test drives with Tim was a great opportunity to get to know the background and the little ones certainly kept the staff in the building entertained following us around everywhere we went and spending some time in the back of the two lifted trucks saying hi to everyone who walked buy. A great family to deal with, and we certainly wish them all the best up north in La Crete.



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