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“Just purchased a new to me 2018 Dodge Ram Sport from these fine people. I have been watching the ads for awhile and after a very bad experience with one local group, I was leary about contacting a dealer via email, but the perfect truck at a great price came up and I decided to risk it. I live in Edmonton and via email/text work best. Came in contact with a fabulous lady named Brittany Hathaway who listened, responded promptly and was engaging at every turn while not applying the standard sales pressure. Honest, straight forward, she answered every question with a great attitude and positive feedback. Combined with David in Financing, I literally had this purchase decided while in class especially as the price was much lower while compared to closer/in town dealers. The paperwork was minimal, the pressure non-existant and the support sincere. I had no apprehensions and enjoyed my experience so much I will be back to deal with these great sales persons again in the future. Thanks Brittany Hathaway! Your professionalism is what made me decide to buy and again, appreciate the great service and refreshing honesty from a sales rep.” – James Hearn

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