Expectations Exceeded!

Just a short note to let you know that to date everything about purchasing  my truck exceeded my expectations.  Yes, there were hiccups, but it is all about how you and your people handled them that has been impressive and contributed to a truly outstanding experience.  So I would like to thank you for making this purchase fun and not once have I felt that something was pulled over on me.  Ace did a hell of a job luring out to Redwater, then sticking my butt in the truck of my dreams.  Your offer presentation was honest and straight forward, which is the only way I like doing business, having the Chrysler dude there tossing money around did not hurt either, because without him I am not sure that I would have purchased  the protection plan and now I am pleased that I did.

Having got to spend the afternoon waiting for my truck to be ready, I had the opportunity to first hand witness how you and your people interact with customers, with each other in a very fast paced environment.  It re-enforced everything you said about the ownership team, the management team and the troops on the ground, everyone was welcoming, friendly and above all professional.  This made me very happy about my decision to do business in a small town environment.  The is no doubt that I will be recommending your dealership to anyone who is interested.  Nancy wanted me thank you for giving her that Dodge jacket, that was a pleasant surprise.  Another pleasant surprise, and I have lost the young man’s name, was the shop tech who adjusted my receiver ball height, I asked him to transfer my license plate, he said certainly and came back asked if I wanted the eagle plate off the front of my old truck.  Thoughtful gesture, the plate was a gift, he not only removed the plate, he took the time to mount it on my new truck.  I am telling you Darryl it is the small things that can truly underline the character of an organization!

I also wanted to pass on to you the following on the 2009 that I traded in, just in case it did not get passed on.
The key ring had:
2 sets of command keys
2 sets of keys for the truck cap
1 – 2 way remote for the remote starter
1 – 1 way remote for the remote starter.

The summer front was attached to the truck, the full chrome winter front was in the back seat and the locking wheel nuts were in the center console.  The full completed service manual and owner manual was also there, the Gold plan is still in effect to 2014 Aug I think.  Another point which your sales people may want to know for their pitch is the spray in box liner is tagged on the rear driver’s side by Armour Guard as being their Premium heavy duty. I think that is everything.

I know Darryl that you have the rear tail light in hand and when it is in I will come up there to have it installed.  I have only only one further question and that is to confirm something that we discussed during the purchase and that was about getting service done on the new truck.  When I raised the point about the distance to travel to Redwater for service you mentioned that the dealership would provide a loaner so that I could get back home and return to pick up my truck.  It was not something that something that I used when making my purchase decision because I knew being a long time Ram owner that I could get service here.  However, having spent the day in your dealership and witnessing the standard of service, I would not have an issue making the trip if in fact there was some form of loaner available.  Aside from Saturdays, I would not be able to get the vehicle up until 5ish so the service could not be done to the next day, so spending the night and next day in Redwater is a none starter.  If there is no loaner, no big issue, I just wanted to check.

Darryl, again it has been a pleasure doing business.


John D Hempstock



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