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Cory and Shanna Enhance Spaciousness and Style in a 1500

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Cory and his wife Shanna came to see us at Redwater Dodge because their family was about to grow by one. They needed something with a backseat and if you are going to get a vehicle that fits a car seat, you might as well do it in style! They are taking home a 2016 Ram 1500 Sport from Pam Gawluk! Cory is in the military and is off again right away for a 3-month tour. Stay safe and thank you BOTH for your service and sacrifice! And congrats on the baby!

Justin Works Out a Hail of a Deal with Travis in Redwater!

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Justin came down to Redwater Alberta from Fort McMurray to visit family. Soon after arriving he seen the hail damaged liquidation signs!

Justin was short on time as he had to return to work, but ended up making a hail of a deal with Travis Christensen!

Upon his return to the dealership after his 2 week work stint Justin arrived with wife and daughter in tow to pick up his brand new Ram 1500 Sport. Congratulation Justin!