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Fern Brought His 2014 Jeep Cherokee | $10 Oil Change

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Fern was just driving through town when he saw our $10 Oil Change sign, so he decided to swing in and we were able to fit him in! Thank you so much Fern, it was lovely to meet you and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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Mikael Came in For a $10 Oil Change | Redwater Dodge

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Mikael, from Bon Accord brought in his good looking red 2017 Ram 1500 for his second $10 Oil Change. He is now headed over to Napa across the street for his free jug of windshield washer fluid. Thanks for coming in again Mikael.​​

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Mildred and Wilfred From Grassland AB | $10 Oil Change

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Mildred and Wilfred brought their Ram 1500 SLT from Grassland for a $10 Oil Change and while they were waiting they had a chat with our sales fella, Will, to gather a bit more information about a different truck. They ended up getting such a great deal that they purchased a truck that better fit their needs.

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